Logicare is an Embedded Solutions Company and serves customers in a variety of industries with innovative solutions that deliver value.

We have always led through innovation and been at the forefront of understanding industry needs and trends to provide customised solutions and a standardised product offering. We strive to build our expertise in the industries that we work in and are always keen to explore new areas where embedded solutions can add value. Read on to know more about how we use our insight to give our customers innovative solutions.



We provide the energy industry with solutions that empower our customers to manage their resources smartly, optimally and efficiently.

The planet’s energy resources are depleting at an alarming rate and alternative energy sources are the order of the day – solar, hydro and wind. The challenge today is to effectively and efficiently manage generation, monitoring and distribution of energy from these sources as well as traditional sources.


Lighting & Building Automation

Lighting has come a long way from the days of the first light bulb. Today lighting solutions are more focused towards efficiently managing energy and doing all of this remotely – through Web application & mobile devices.

Advancements in lighting technology, such as LED, has given a new and flexible alternative to applications in event lighting (theatres, stage shows, discotheques), decorative lighting (fountains, swimming pools, artificial waterfalls, gardens, etc.) and commercial establishments (malls and airports). We work with our customers to provide them with smart and intelligent lighting solutions.



Metering is a very important part of the energy and utilities industries, be it electricity, gas or water where accurate metering is a critical function.

The metering industry today is facing many challenges, one of which ,for example, is the issue of standardisation. In order for a smart grid to be functional and effective, communication protocols between meters and devices need to be standardised. We help our customers in the metering industry address challenges such as these with solutions that enable them to get the best return on their investments.


Process Industry

Process Industry - With the increase in Requirement & awareness of Quality Products - the need of the time is to accurately Measure, Capture , Analyse & Share Various Parameters of any process - be it Manufacturing , Logistic Management , Health Monitoring , Sports or Lifestyle.

Logicare Helps its customers to Develop / Integrate Products or Solutions for Process Industries such as Flow Measurement ( Ultrasonic / Magnetic ) , LVDT based Gauging Systems for Machine Industries , Portable Devices for Healthcare , On board Vehicle Instrumentation for Logistic Management etc.


Construction Automation

Historically the construction industry has been at the forefront of innovation, such as tools or processes to design and build large structures like the pyramids in Egypt or the Roman aqueducts and stadia.

In recent years, the construction industry has started looking at ways to use better quality materials for construction such as – Cement Concrete Mixtures, better grade bricks etc. For suppliers of these raw materials it has become mandatory to use automation to maintain consistency that need precision, measurement and controls to ensure the desired quality. We work with construction equipment manufacturers to give them the edge they're looking for.


Medical Electronics

Medical electronics has revolutionised the diagnoses and treatment of diseases and spurred medical research to new heights.

Today, the new frontier for medical electronics is driven by challenges such as power management, form factor, costs and communication protocol advances. Add to this, medical reform in countries such as the US, increased healthcare costs and the focus on early diagnosis and prevention and one can only imagine the opportunities in this industry. We help customers with innovative solutions that complement medical devices and ensure that the opportunities can be turned into profits.